With 2017 we begin our 15th year of uninterrupted publication ! What an amazing journey it has been and no words are enough to express our gratitude to advertisers, contributors, readers and associates around the world.

Last year was a year of upheavals and disruption across the world political spectrum. President Trump ascending the Presidency of the United States of America with his protectionist ideology; Britonís exit from the European Union; a huge refugee crisis across Europe and back home Prime Minister Modiís demonetization of high value notes Ė all this will ensure that the year ahead will not be smooth ride for business in general.

Indian drug makers have a very large market in the United States, contributing almost 30% of all drugs consumed in that country. What will be the effect of President Trumpís policies is yet to be seen. However Indian Pharma need not be too concerned, as we supply low cost generics providing low cost medication for American people.

Pharma sector was expecting a sweet pill from this budget, but unfortunately this was not the case. There is nothing to cheer in terms of pro-pharma industry measures. Especially, keeping the ambitious "Make-In-India" campaign, it was extremely important to offer the necessary impetus to boost the growth of this dynamic sector. Industry experts suggests that since R&D is crucial for growth, the cap of weighed deductions should have been restored to 200% against the 150% introduced in 2016 budget.

In an effort to improve general health of the people, Finance Minister has proposed 2 new AIIMS, planned eradication of diseases like Kala Azar and tuberculosis, 1.5 lakh health sub centres being transformed into health wellness centres, separate health cards for elderly, Rs.6,000/- aid for every pregnant women, amending drug rules to promote generic medicines among others.

Digital technology is set to play a major role in the delivery of healthcare products in a cost effective and efficient manner. Smart phones and smart apps are changing the dynamics of the market be it self medication, patient interaction, production and safety interalia.

We begin the exhibition schedule in the new year with participation in the India Pharma Expo at Bengaluru and Asia Pharma Expo, Dhaka, in February. March sees us at the Nepal Pharma Expo, Kathmandu.

Looking forward to meeting all at these venues.



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