Another year gone by as 2017 comes to an end. A landmark year for The Pharma Review as we complete 15 years of uninterrupted publication. Our journey began in Dec. 2002 and given the onslaught on print media by digital publishing and escalating costs, it speaks volumes of the support we have received from all stake holders to be India's leading Bi-monthly journal, after a decade and a half. We stand committed to bringing you information and providing you a platform.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been one of the building pillars of India's economic growth and holds a strong position in terms of production volumes in the global pharma market as the country contributes around 10% of the world production volumes and in terms of value, India holds a share of around 2.4% globally. The industry has grown steadily over the last two decades and in order to continue this trend, the industry has wanted a new Pharma Policy to deal with latest challenges. The proposed draft policy 2017 by the Govt. is a step in that direction, but must be debated and discussed by all to achieve a robust, healthy and equitable policy.

The ugly head of counterfeit drugs raises itself time and time again. Counterfeiting harms a business and in turn the nation. Loss of jobs, loss of revenue, loss of taxes, it's a cascading effect. Nations of the world need to address this in all seriousness. We need to do much and bring in more stringent legislations, but above all the use of technology such as holograms must be made mandatory. Humans in the 21st century do not deserve to suffer from the use of these drugs.

As has now been the case for over 10 years, the pharma calendar in India has its date with the P-Mec/CPhI exhibition in Mumbai. The 11th edition of this extravaganza spread over a week, once again ended up being a grand success. It has been a privilege to be associated with this event since inception. A special photo feature with interviews is a part of this issue.

As a people, to reflect too much on the past is not advisable. Yet to forget loss of our soldiers, lives lost to floods, avalanches, derailments, children starved of oxygen in a hospital and what not, would be an injustice. Lets give them all a moment's thought as we bring the curtain down on the year.
So its time to once again thank all our advertisers, readers and associates for their support without which nothing was possible. Our journal is known for the quality of its content and for that special thanks to all our contributors. We also would like to pay our respects to two Pharma greats, Mr. Mohan Chander Bazaz and Dr. Bhagwan Dass Miglani who passed away this year, leaving a hollow in their respective fields. We have had the pleasure of their association.

Wishing everyone happiness in 2018.



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