As this first issue of 2019 goes to print, it brings in the 17th year of publication of The Pharma Review. An amazing and fulfilling experience to be a part of India's top performing Pharma sector.

2019 is also election year in India. Many report cards of the Modi Govt., which come to power with a huge mandate in 2014, will be made and dissected. Accusations and counter accusations, statements and denials, between the Govt. and the opposition will fly fast and furious, in what is going to be a very hard fought election. The results eagerly awaited by all.

Budget 2019 sees a huge increase in allocation of over 16% for health care. The budget document shows an allocation of 90.6K crore for Dept of Health and Family Welfare, 3.3K crore for health research and 2.2K crore for AYUSH. Ayushman Bharat gets an allocation of 6.4K crore.

As per recent notification issued by the Union health ministry, X-ray machines, bone marrow cell separators, MRI and CT Scanners will not be medical equipment henceforth. These will now be treated like any other drug. There is mixed reaction from the medical fraternity.

A recent report of CPhI has ranked India as one of the fastest improving Pharma markets for 2019. A high growth domestic market, ever increasing exports, hugely improved quality of APIs and finished products, makes India the place to be for Pharma.

In what can be termed as 'immensely encouraging' for traditional forms of medicine, a report of CII and PwC shows significant increase in use of Ayurveda products in Indian households. Constant improvement in standards, quality, efficacy and investment could well make this a big boom sector for India's growth. The Ayurveda industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 16% over the next 5 years.

Another sector in which India can see unprecedented growth is Biosimilars. As more regulated markets embrace Biosimilars, India with a record number of approvals, engagement with semi regulated markets, has huge potential on the world stage. With Ayushman Bharat being rolled out, affordable Biosimilars can play a huge role.

Two big recent events of our industry went off in great style the CPhI / P-Mec India Expo, for the first time in Delhi NCR and the Asia Pharma Expo, Dhaka. Congrats to the organizers.



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